Learn To Thrive With Your Chronic Illness.

Helping you go from defined to empowered by your illness for impact & purpose.

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Change your life by changing your mindset, one simple step at a time.

This Gratitude Challenge will build a habit of gratitude in your life that will transform you and others around you.

Are you ready for transformation? Let's go!

One Simple step at a time

Let Me Ask You...

How many days are you missing out on because you are crippled by the fear and anxiety your chronic illness causes you?

How long are you going to let yourself be labeled and kept in the box of your illness?

Can you imagine the impact and fulfillment you could be experiencing right now?

It may be costing you a lot to have stopped living...


I want to be your chd life coach

Gain the confidence to go after your dreams and thrive with your CHD

Learn how to navigate self-advocacy in the CHD Journey

Learn how to navigate setbacks healthily

Own your CHD diagnosis

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In this Course You Will...

Learn How to Go From Vulnerable To VICTORIOUS.


Get a framework to reframe

your chronic illness story

Get tools and insight to help you process your circumstances

Clarify your purpose and

who you want to become.

Rediscover your confidence and

joys in life


I understand how it feels to be crippled and defined by your chronic illness.


BUT through my journey of overcoming a congenital heart defect (CHD) my whole life, I have learned important tools, mindset skills, and more.

It has enabled me to turn my chronic illness into my victory story.


I want to help you do the same.

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Hi! I'm Tori!

College Athlete

Business Owner

Author, Speaker, CHD Advocate

It's time to thrive.

3 Simple Steps

 1. Sign up For
The Course

 2. Create Your CHD

 3. Go After your

Enroll in the Your Chronic Illness Playbook for CHD Course.

Build your action steps and tools to thrive with your CHD

Confidently pursue your dreams and THRIVE in the journey ahead.


I know who you want to become.

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woman journaling
woman smiling
woman twirling
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I know you are the kind of woman that wants to live fully and intentionally. 

A woman that conquers her adversities and inspires others to do the same.

The problem is you still feel held captive by your own chronic illness which makes you feel defeated and not capable of being all you can be.

I believe you were made for more.

That's why I created Your Chronic Illness Playbook For CHD.

Here's how it works. 

Step 1: Sign Up For The course.

Step 2: Create Your CHD Gameplan

Step 3: Confidently Go After Your Dreams

So now, the ball is in your court.


Book A Call Today so you can stop feeling held captive by your chronic illness, and start living into your resiliency and impact you are capable of making!

Shocked back into reality...Literally


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