My Story

CHD Survivor & Business Owner


I'm thrilled you're here! Thank you for letting me share my congenital heart defect (CHD) story and life with you! For those new around here, I was born with a heart condition known specifically as Ebstein's Anamoly. Because of this, the right side of my heart is enlarged. I have a BIG heart... literally. Following my birth, at only four days old, I was given a very slim chance of survival and underwent my first open heart surgery.


While that was my first surgery, that was not my last time on the operating table. Since then, I have underwent many heart procedures over the course of the 24 years of my life. Being born with a congenital heart defect has made me into a fighter, and each day is truly a blessing.


My heart story has given me the strength to truly go after my dreams and live a victorious life.


 I desire that for all of you! I truly believe my crazy chronic illness life has been a huge factor in my success as a college athlete and now as a business owner. 

And as a result of living with CHD, I have learned an immense amount about heart health and overcoming obstacles. Let's just say, life looks a bit different than your peers when you have a chronic illness. But I am excited to share the things I have learned and the items I am still learning today as a Chronic Illness Warrior, Wife, and Entrepreneur. 

I am the author of the book: From Vulnerable to Victorious: Turning Your Chronic Illness Into Your Victory Story, and it is my hope that this platform provides inspiration and action steps to other women living with chronic illnesses.

We can be VICTORIOUS, together!

Some Quick Facts


College Athlete

Business Owner

Author, Speaker, CHD Advocate

  • Well first, you are probably asking.. Who is that fluffy cutie in the picture. Well... meet Teddy, the softest, most cuddly and friendly GoldenDoodle ever. He is quite a ham and we are are obsessed with him! If you follow me, you will be sure to fall in love too.  


  • What sports did I do in college? I was a volleyball and track athlete in college. I always love a good fitness challenge!


  • I married my hubby and fellow high jumper, Devin, my senior year of college. He is my total best friend, biggest encourager, and business partner [He keeps me sane]! We have built such a fun life together!


  • This girl LOVES all things fashion and style. I could spend daysss in Nordstrom or shopping online. My current shopping obsessions are definitely Pink Lily Boutique and Express!


  • On a weird note, sometimes doctors can't get a pulse or accurate blood pressure reading in my left arm since I am missing my subclavian artery in that arm. Once when I forgot to tell my new doctor about this fun fact, he very worriedly asked me "Are you dead?" Always fun to freak a new doctor. ;)