The 50|50 Promise

Use Your Everyday Purchases to Support CHD Organizations

"50% of any blogging commissions I make from promotions and partnerships will go towards CHD Organizations and Foundations that support heart families and research."

Blogging is a HUGE passion of mine. I have been following other women who are lifestyle bloggers for years now, and I love seeing them build businesses and platforms of sharing their favorite lifestyle finds. Many of you know that when you shop a blogger's discount code, link, or promotion, they make a commission and profit off of it. This business model is what has been coined as "affiliate marketing," and it is a BILLION dollar industry.

The Dream

I got to thinking one day... What if I could use my love for style, health, and business finds to give back even BIGGER to the CHD chronic illness community through using affiliate marketing? What if people could make a difference with just their everyday purchases to causes they care about by using my codes? Ta-Dah! You guessed it! The Tori Joy Geiger blog was born. I not only want to just share my story and spread awareness for CHD on this platform, but I want to support the heart organizations on the front lines that are helping so many CHD'ers. And I know that if I continue to learn and grow in this blogging business, I will be successful, and if I AM successful... CHD research and families are being impacted MIGHTILY!  Check out the latest impact you have had! 👇🏻

Your Impact

August 2021-$185

October 2021-$120

Thanks for being a part of the dream! 💓

CHD Organizations Supported

I have been so blessed to find such great organizations that are truly carrying the torch for CHD research and families.


Below are some of the heart organizations near and dear to me that will be receiving the funds from the Tori Joy Geiger blog. I think the work that these organizations are doing is just phenomenal, and many of these organizations were started by parents or those affected by a CHD warrior.


I could not be more honored to promote their organizations, share their stories, and spread CHD awareness together!  🥰