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As an athlete and business owner, I know the power of a great team, and I want to be on your team!


Every successful team is equipped with strategies and gameplans to help gain the victory sought. And while, we may not be training for a championship game or contest, we are training for that victorious life you want to live.


It will take hard work, dedication, and teamwork to get there, but we are in this together! I call this course YOUR Chronic Illness Playbook for a purpose.


It is designed to help you discover, reflect, and gameplan the best strategies for you to thrive with your chronic illness. 


At the end of this course, you will have a filled out Chronic Illness playbook that is personal to you and the strategies you have developed through the course to help you live that victorious life so even when the going gets tough, you have developed action plans to navigate the toughest opponents. 



Breaking Down the "Why" Me Mentality & How to Reframe

Finding Me

Advocacy Hacks

Healthily Feeling The Feels

Pivoting To The New Normal

Building Better Habits For A Better You

Letting Go of The Control Freak

Establishing Your Victory Tribe

Dare to Dream Again

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