16 Chronic Illness Journal Prompts For Healing & Self Discovery

My Number One Piece of Advice for Chronic Illness

I am so glad you are here and looking to further develop your self and your healing journey! Maybe you are in a time of year, where you are ready to build some

I often get the question when talking with interviewers or others in the chronic illness community of "what's my one biggest piece of advice for someone currently struggling with their chronic illness?" And my #1 response 100% of the time is journaling.

Write it all down, hun!

And I wanted to give you, my friend, a deeper look into chronic illness journal prompts in this blog post that can be instrumental in getting you through some dark times.

The fact of the matter is journaling is a core activity when it comes to mental health and self discovery, two of the biggest components of thriving with a chronic illness whether you are battling chronic pain, autoimmune disease, or congenital heart defect (like me).

And look, you may not be the biggest writer or even enjoy writing for that matter, and that's OKAY! It's a myth that in order to journal you have to enjoy writing. Journaling is an expressive writing form and a wonderful way of putting your thoughts and feelings down on paper that unburdens your mind with carrying the entire weight of life. It will not only help you reduce stress levels, but it will be key to better digesting your thoughts and circumstances.

When our minds are so busy and wrapped up in the emotional toll of our circumstances or the bad day we just had, it is sometimes hard to know where to even start with journaling. That is why I put together these 16 chronic illness journal prompts to get you started in a healthy journaling practice. These are writing prompts that have been impactful to my own healing and self discovery journey.

Chronic Illness Journal Prompts:

#1 How is my mindset today?

#2 What can I do today?

#3 What am I grateful for today?

#4 Write a letter to your younger self.

#5 Reflect on the things you have control over versus the things you don't have control over in this life.

#6 What makes you tick as a person?

#7 What are your core values and why are they important to you?

#8 Where is a place you feel safe and secure?

#9 What do you love about yourself?

#10 How can you better show love to yourself?

#11 How can you use what you are learning with your chronic illness journey to help others?

#12 When do you feel the most supported by loved ones or how could they best support you?

#13 How are you currently doing with your chronic illness? What are your current obstacles or struggles?

#14 What are some "wins" you've had in your chronic illness journey?

#15 What are you most proud of in your chronic illness journey?

#16 What are some current ways you are working to invest in yourself as a person?

Download These 16 Journal Prompts to Keep With You

Taking the time to incorporate a daily practice of journaling is a great way to lay it all out on a page. The good, the bad, the ugly. It is a safe space of self discovery and an important tool for identifying a specific feeling.

It does take some vulnerability to lay it all out there, especially when you have faced some traumatic events, but there are many silver linings to doing this. Not only are you acting courageously when you get vulnerable, in these journal entries you are unwrapping more about yourself as a human and taking the power away from the chronic illness itself. Self discovery is a beautiful gift and skill that is SO powerful when we truly take the time to let ourselves BE even amidst a hard time.

More Journaling Tips: Building A Positive Mindset

Gratitude Journaling

One of my favorite ways that I have built a steady habit of journaling is through gratitude journaling. This is one of the easiest ways that I can turn my mindset around on a given day. Whether that is journaling about my gratefulness for a family member, friend, or cup of coffee, it gives me that little bit of separation from my present circumstances that I need to reset and debrief. Doing 30 days of prompts for gratitude has been helpful to me when I am in a rut or feeling stuck in my thinking.

Positive Affirmations

I also like to fill my journal entries with positive affirmations in addition to expressing how I am feeling or what obstacles I am facing. It helps me acknowledge the circumstance I am in but then take truth about the core of who I am and who I want to be to help me process the circumstance from multiple angles and wrap up my journal session.

I hope these journal prompts and tips for journaling have been impactful for you! I would love to hear how your journaling practice and journey are going! DM me on Instagram!

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