One of the Best Fitness Trackers in 2021 That Will Help You Crush Your Goals

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

4 Reasons Why The Garmin Venu Is One of The Best Fitness Watches of 2021!

Over the years, I have tried out many different fitness watches from Fit Bit to Apple, and all of them have had their awesome features that have helped me live a healthy lifestyle. I LOVE a good fitness tracker to hold me accountable and stay in tune with what my heart is doing on the day-to-day and while exercising. It's great to have that accountability for anyone looking to keep their health game on point, and an activity tracker watch is an awesome start! Besides! Keeping accountable is hard work! I also think being able to put numbers and stats to how I am feeling helps me stay in more alignment with my body's needs each day leading to the best results for my health. Do I feel breathless after that circuit? Maybe it's time to check my heart rate sensor and oxygen levels. Am I not feeling fully recovered and lack much energy compared to yesterday? Let me check my sleep score from the previous night. All of these useful features definitely help me stay on my game. And I am so excited to share that I have recently found one of the best fitness trackers that is keeping me on track and helping me crush my fitness goals thus far! If you are looking for top fitness trackers, this is a must-read!

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For anyone starting out in their health journey, you really can't go wrong with any fitness watch, but as you grow in your health goals and push yourself further, sometimes I think a little upgrade is due. I have recently become a Garmin Watch wearer. Now...throughout college as a track athlete, ALL the long distance and cross country athletes had Garmin watches. And I NEVER thought I would be one to wear one. To me, Garmins were just like the "runner's watch", and I was not about that life in college. ( I eat my words now) 😆Honestly, at the time, I didn't think they were the most attractive for day to day wear either. They looked kind of thick and bulky to me on people's wrists and they didn't really go with many non-athletic outfits. So that was a no-go for me. I know I am really selling you here.😂BUT once I started my running journey after college, I was on the hunt for a watch that could really help me reach those newly set running goals. And that's when I found the Garmin Venu! I have never looked back. If you are on the hunt for a new fitness watch and are considering the Garmin Venu, check out my 4 favorite features below!👇🏻If your fitness watch needs are anything like mine, I know the Venu will be a perfect fit for you.☺️

First! It's SO Elegant! This may not be a huge factor for other people, but when I am not exercising, I am often getting dressed up for business meetings or going into the office so I need a watch that has a fitness band to accessorize my style and fit my daily life. And Man! Garmin really upped its game over the last few years with its designs! Some of their newest watch models for women are so flattering and sleek. What struck me first about the Venu, was it's the gorgeous interface. I have the Rose Gold Watch myself with a neutral band and round "watch face." It is truly so flattering on the wrist. Because the Venu looks more like a traditional wristwatch, I think it looks less like you are wearing a tracker at all times or just came from the gym. I have gotten so many compliments on how elegant my watch looks, and most people that have complimented me don't even realize it's a fitness watch until they are up close and I show them! I just love that! That might be the best feature for me besides how it tracks my heart's stats so well. Bonus part too, its water resistance which makes it also not only fashionable BUT durable!

Second! It is Accurate! Back when I first started running, I had an Apple Watch Series 4, and I loved having it, but one thing I noticed was that it wasn't always accurate with the mileage that I was clocking. When I was really hitting my stride of 4-5 miles on a run, my sister-in-law and I would sometimes map out the runs beforehand. We often noticed that when we completed a run, my watch was a good amount off from what we had mapped and measured out before our run. It could have been that the watch I had was defective, but it became frustrating as I wanted to document my runs and the goals I was hitting each time. To see it on there really affirmed my accomplishment. My Garmin is pretty spot on with its tracking in the various exercise modes it has. From the mileage I am achieving on runs to my heart rthymn, it pretty much nails down my health stats in each workout mode from biking to running to lifting weights, and I have more of a trust in its accuracy. Currently, a lot of my training outside of running revolves around cycling on our MYX Fitness Bike so all the fitness features it offers is a great addition to my training plan. The MYX bike has a heartrate monitor you have to wear to track your zones each bike ride, and my Garmin is always succinct with that heart rate monitor.

I also make sure it is synced up to Garmin's mobile app which gives me an even better summary of my health for the day including tracking my daily steps, heart rythmn, menstrual cycle, and even my rem sleep at night! I can get a very detailed data of my health and energy levels each day.

Third! It tracks my stress levels! One of my favorite features is how it tracks my stress levels! During the day, it sends me little reminders when it senses my heart rate rising or my breathing start to become heavy. Those cute little reminders say things like, "Take a Deep Breath" or "Take A Moment to Breath." I think there are some times during the day, I don't even realize how tense I have gotten, and these little cues have allowed me to be more mindful of my breathing and how I am responding to stressors. It's like I have my own personal trainer in this area of my life that sends me smartphone notifications when I need them. Thanks, Garmin! 🤪

Fourth! It Holds a Charge SO long and it charges FAST! I like to wear my Garmin to bed so I can track my sleep cycles. I have been REALLY into learning more about good sleep and how you can achieve the best sleep possible, so tracking this with my Garmin has been super informative! Typically at night would be my time to charge my previous fitness watches, but because I wear my Garmin at night, I don't charge it then. Instead, I charge it when I am in the shower or getting ready. I would say it takes 30-35 minutes to get it fully juiced up again. I love that it doesn't take very long to charge and it has such a great battery life. I really only charge it every 4-5 days, and it sustains that long battery life consistently. I know when I had a fitbit previously the fitbit charge would die SO fast, so having a great fitness tracker that holds a battery with one single charge has been super convenient for me!

If you are looking into getting a fitness tracker to track your daily activity and health goals, definitely check out the Garmin Venu. It's a really good option for anyone researching the current best fitness trackers in the industry right now. In my opinion, I think it is definitely worth its higher price point if you are looking for a stylish, versatile watch that serves as a great health tracker! It has helped me in my fitness journey as I am working towards new goals especially coming out of 2020. I know the Venu will be a big part of holding me accountable to those goals, being mindful of my body, and keeping me stylish all the way! 🤪 If you are wanting a good option to improve your fitness level, the Garmin is one of the best fitness trackers that will get you there!

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