How to Keep Motivated Using A Visual Goal Tracker

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

A Different Type of Visual Goal Tracker to Set Goals and Crush Them!

We all go through those periods of feeling like we have no motivation to even do the simplest of tasks. I definitely relate to that. Wasn't it so nice when you were a kid and the world just felt like it was at your fingertips? You had so much motivation to go after things in life. There was freeness in that ability to just dream with no judgement and no bills to pay. I remember wanting to get into photography in 5th grade, but that required me to get a camera. I was tired of using my dad’s Canon digital camera, and wanted to own a camera myself. I had done some research and I landed on a red Nikon digital camera at my local Fred Meyer. It was around $150 dollars, and I pleaded with my parents for it, and of course, they said “no.” If I wanted the camera, I had to earn it. So that’s what I did. Over the next 6 months, I saved for that camera, and I worked to earn the money to get it. Soon enough, I had earned the $150, and I bought the camera. There was just so much motivation to accomplish that simple dream. Where did that motivation go over the years? I think as a child this "best is yet to come" mindset really manifests itself, but as life gives you some tumbles, that mindset seems to get shifted or even disappear. No matter how much we dream of the better things in life, it is SO hard to keep motivated and continue to pursue our dreams. It takes grit! While it may be a challenge, it's not impossible to keep after your dreams, and I am going to share with you how to keep motivated to keep pursuing your dreams with an easy visual goal tracker that is a little bit different than your typical dream journal or goal tracker. The best part is, this visual goal tracker you can take everywhere and for us women, it allows us to wear our crushed goals like a fashion statement. I'll give you a little background on my experience with goal tracking, going after dreams, dream journal ideas and then I'll show you how this visual tracker has been so impactful for me and how you can get started using one today. 😏

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Growing up I was always a dreamer. I daydreamed ALL the time, and ideas of businesses and endeavors would just flood my mind. That was a big part of me developing the entrepreneurial spirit that I have today. As a kid, I was always dreaming about what I would be or who I would be when I grew up. I would play with my dolls and pretend that they were me all grown up. Sometimes I would dream I would be a doctor and other times I was a pop star or WNBA player. Nothing seemed out of reach to me. If I could dream it, I could achieve it. Then I hit my teenage years, and my dreams changed. They changed to things like my dreams about college, my athletic career, and even who I would marry down the road. I feel like I always had that “best is yet to come” mindset, and it always stuck with me. I think the way my parents raised me was to believe in myself and that with hard work anything was possible. I believed that to the core. From a very young age, I was also taught by my dad to write down my goals and dreams, and this wasn’t just like writing down new year’s resolutions. He actually gave me a lime green FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) journal from a coaching conference he went to, and that was my first taste of truly stating my goals and dreams. I was constantly writing down the dreams that were placed on my heart. I remember my 6th grade year of school, I wrote down in my goal journal that I wanted to make varsity basketball as a freshman in high school. For the years following, I worked endlessly and tirelessly in the gym with my dad to perfect my shot and ball-handling. I watched Pete Maravich videos and dribbled around our garage. My success wasn’t just going to happen, I had to make it happen with hard work. And you know what? I can still picture meeting with Mac, our varsity basketball coach after tryouts in our training room where she would meet with each player individually to talk about what team they would play on that year. “Victoria, you made varsity.” I am pretty sure I ran home after tryouts to tell my parents the news. Dream achieved.

My freshman year of college, I was in a business management course taught by one of the best management professors at the college. Professor Baraam had us read the BEST books! Most of these books were taught in parables like the "Go-Giver", but one book that stuck out largely to me was the book “The Dream Manager,” by Matthew Kelly and Patrick Lencioni. This book lit a fire in me, and it helped me outline my dreams even more. It also taught me to not be afraid to share my dreams with others, and invest in other people’s dreams. Together we can make our dreams stronger. The book also outlined ways to categorize your dreams into financial, character, intellectual, creative, etc. goals. Later in the post, I will show you step by step how to implement these dream journal ideas before you get started on your visual goal tracker. This categorizing of dreams not only taught me about needing to dream in each of these areas of my life, but it also taught me to visualize and write down what it would be like to achieve that dream and what it would do for me. There is nothing like crossing off a dream that has been accomplished!

Some may see it as froofy or just plain weird to be a dreamer as an adult. But you know what, dreamers make the world go round. These dreamers are a lot of the time the entrepreneurs and scientists that are a part of new concepts and breakthroughs that change the world. It takes people with dreams and the guts and hard work to go after those dreams to make a difference!

The Best Visual Goal Tracker

A new tradition I started as a senior in college was wearing a dream bracelet. I took my dream journal to a whole new level. I wanted to wear the dreams that I accomplished. One day, I picked out a Pandora clasp charm bracelet, and my goal was to fill that bracelet with charms that represented the dreams I had accomplished. This bracelet would serve as a reminder of the dreams that have already been fulfilled, the hard work that was taken to achieve them, and the person I have become because of them. Even the smallest dreams like owning a dog get a charm. One of my goals in college was to buy my first investment property before I graduated college. I did exactly that, and now I have the charm that represents that endeavor. I have a charm for getting Teddy, our adorable pup, and one for graduating college with my accounting degree. Since starting the Tori Joy Geiger blog was one of my big dreams since graduating college, I am on the hunt for my next perfect charm to represent that dream. I find that having my Pandora Charm Bracelet as my visual goal tracker really helps me stay motivated. I wear it every day! I even bought a bracelet for my sister-in-law when she joined our family because I wanted her to know that I was invested in helping her achieve her dreams and now she can track them too! Below I have included some tips for goal setting and getting started with this visual goal tracker.

Tips for Goal Setting- Dream Journal Ideas

  1. Write down your goals using a notepad or this free downloadable Dream Sheet.

  2. Using the Dream Sheet above or your own notebook, break your dreams out by these categories and indicate whether these are short-term or long-term dreams:

  3. Physical

  4. Emotional

  5. Intellectual

  6. Spiritual

  7. Psychological

  8. Material

  9. Professional

  10. Financial

  11. Creative

  12. Adventure

  13. Legacy

  14. Character

3. Write down in each category what you imagine your life to feel and look like if those dreams were accomplished.

4. Write down a couple of action steps you will need to take to get there.

5. Purchase a bracelet as your visual goal tracker. I personally picked this one out from Pandora, but you can honestly use any type of charm bracelet that you would like!

6. Start identifying charms that represent the dreams you are going after. Save pictures of them or write the name of the charm next to the dream on your dream sheet or notebook.

7. Share these dreams and your dream bracelet with your girlfriends or family members. If you are a mom, think about starting this dream tradition with your daughter!

8. Lastly! Have fun with it! This is a no-pressure type of practice. It is meant to be a fun way to go after your dreams, share your dreams with others, and remind yourself of who you are and who you are becoming! The only key here is to KEEP DREAMING!

For me, this process has taken my dreaming to the next level. It is such a great reminder of God’s promises and the dreams he has placed in my heart. I love that I can see those accomplished dreams each and every day. When I am having a hard day, just a jingle of the wrist reminds me of the good in each day and that the “best is yet to come.” I encourage you to start with a dream journal or the dream sheet above and write down your dreams. You are never too old to dream! Before I even had the concept of a dream bracelet as a visual goal tracker, I gave each of my family members a dream journal one Christmas, and it is something you can use to not only grow personally but with your loved ones. I think that's the best part, you can accomplish dreams together, not alone! It is important to not only come up with your dreams but actually take some time to visualize what your life would be like if you reached those dreams and what steps you need to take to get there. Then write down those visualizations and steps. It's time to then start taking action on those dreams. That can be baby steps like going for a 20-minute walk each day, making that phone call, doing that research, or purchasing that business license. Those baby steps will add up to big steps towards your dream. We often categorize the people we know and successful entrepreneurs as the dreamers in life. But in all reality, we are ALL dreamers in life, we just have to remember to KEEP dreaming by being intentional about the goals we set. Implementing this dream process will definitely help you in this. Keep dreaming my friend. I am excited to see the places you will go!

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