How To Use Amazon Smile To Give Back to Your Favorite Causes

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Raise your hand if you use Amazon for any of your online shopping! (Me… raises TWO hands) 🤪 If Amazon boxes are constantly showing up at your doorstep then this is a blog post for you! Many of you probably know that Amazon Smile is Amazon’s charity program that donates .5% of eligible purchases to the charitable organizations of your choice. So in essence, you can shop for the items you need and use those purchases as a way to give back to the organizations and causes you truly care about. You can search Amazon Smile registered organizations here. Whether you are passionate about raising funds for cancer research or finding homes for abandoned pets, there are ALL kinds of non-profit organizations that are a part of the Amazon Smile Network. I personally use the Children’s Heart Foundation as my charity of choice since that is very near and dear to me as a CHD Warrior myself. Below, I will show you how to use Smile to give back to your favorite causes with some quick tutorials on how to turn on Smile on the Amazon app and on your desktop.

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How to Use Amazon Smile On The Amazon App

Use this quick video for a tutorial on how to turn the Amazon Smile on

feature on your Amazon App.

Steps Below:

  1. Go to your settings button in the bottom right-hand corner (It looks like three parallel lines)

  2. Scroll down to Amazon Smile and click on it.

  3. Make sure your device is marked “On” to be sure your purchases are generating donations

  4. At the very top, you can select “Change Charity” to explore other charities or select a new one to be your designated charity

  5. Be sure to check in on your Amazon Smile settings about every 6 months to renew your charity choice. When you purchase on the app or on your computer, you will get a message upon purchase that an amount was donated to your charity. If you notice that message is gone, it's probably time to renew. ☺️

How to Use Amazon Smile On Your Computer

Always be sure to log into Amazon when wanting to purchase items from Amazon. I have found that if I am logged into my regular Amazon account, my purchases do not always register as Smile purchases. By going directly to Amazon Smile, you will be automatically logged-into your Amazon account, but when you go to check out, your purchases will then register as being under the Amazon Smile banner instead of just regular purchases.

One way I remember to do this is to bookmark Amazon Smile on my browser’s upper bar, and then when I want to go to Amazon to shop on my computer, I go into my pinned bookmark on my browser.

It is so cool to find organizations that are using everyday purchases to give back to important causes. Amazon offers a unique opportunity to truly make a difference, and if you are an avid Amazon shopper like I am, it’s a great way to shop! I hope the directions I provided earlier helped you set up your Amazon Smile Charity and got you ready to give back with your next purchase! This is just one easy step in having a heart that beats for others, friend!

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