Making An Impact With Your Story Through Self Publishing

But Victoria. Who would want to hear your story? What publisher would want to pick you up?"

Wow. That was a blow to my confidence as a writer and college senior when I asked for advice from a local published author on how to get published. Even though I know where she was coming from, it still hurt to hear her words of "who would want to hear your story?"

And for years, that comment made me feel like an imposter to the story I knew I had and needed to share. Maybe you have felt the same or even had a similar conversation with a nay-sayer. First things first, I am sorry that happened to you. Second of all, I am here to tell you that you DO have a good story to tell that others need to hear, and I am going to show you the tools I used to get self-published and make an impact with my story.

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We all have a victory story within us made up of the experiences we have endured in this life. And it takes the right story for someone to hear to change their life. Call it the art of being human, but these triumphs and failures shape us and enable us to be the best versions of ourselves at the end of the day. It's no coincidence that the power of storytelling has been passed down from generation to generation from the beginning of time. As humans, we have a natural tendency to communicate ideas and establish an emotional connection through great stories.

I mean, there are whole marketing philosophies on how to sell who you are and what your company does through telling a potential customer a story. And I will tell you, this "story" marketing strategy works for my company and clients. It works because that's how we learn and discover more about life as humans. It's only natural. And it's how we make a social impact.

Do you believe you have a great story? Have you gone through hardship or discovered something truly unique in life because of the experiences you have gone through or the great work you have done? My guess, is you have, and I would also wager that you have a desire to share your impact stories with others.

Whether your goal is to leave a legacy, make an impact, or just get your experiences down on paper, you do have a story that needs to be told. I am a firm believer that everyone has at least one book within them, and in today's changing publishing industry, it has become quite a doable process to get self-published without the cost burden and publicity know-how. It's a powerful way to share stories out there, and the changing industry makes telling your story WAY more accessible. How cool is that?!

A lot of people want to get published, but they have no idea the best way to start. That's where I was at in my journey too. Where do I find a reputable editor, cover designer, or formatter? How do I outline my book's topics? Where do I even get my books printed?

These were all questions I had, and it wasn't until I listened to a podcast where Chandler Bolt, the founder of Self-Publishing School talked about his company and how they help individuals get self-published that I had a hope of figuring those things out. His unique perspective on the publishing journey and how his team at SPS coaches their students through each stage of the process was remarkable.

After some consideration on cost, logistics, and timeline, I took the plunge into the SPS Community, and I am going to take you through an overview of my self-publishing process in this blog post.

The Power of a Coach

At SPS, you get assigned a coach that fits your needs as an author and you meet with this coach once a month as they guide you through the process. Your coach themselves are best-selling authors that have walked in your shoes and offer immense resources as you are writing, producing, and marketing your book. I honestly believe that having a coach was the powerful tool I truly needed the most to hold me accountable on this publishing journey.

Access to Online Course

Not only do you get access to a great coach, but you also have a whole online course of resources and modules that help you organize and structure your book. Just the course alone is a good reason to make the investment in your self-publishing journey.

young woman taking an online course

Writing The Book

If you are in the stage where you are trying to figure out how to structure your chapters, what concepts you want to be included in the book, etc. SPS is wonderful at guiding you through the process.

SPS's, Become A Bestseller course, walks you through those writing milestones from blank page to finished book by giving you different things like check-in tools, trackers, accountability, and frameworks to get your ideas down on paper. Even though I came into SPS with a lot of my manuscript done, I actually re-outlined and re-wrote parts of my book, and I can say that my book is 100 times better because of the tools that lead to those edits.

Editing The Book

Once you have a completed manuscript, you are ready to go to an editor, and SPS has an immense network of professional editors that have been vetted and you have access to it. One of the HUGE perks of SPS is that they have connections to industry professionals that are trusted to do good work so it saves you a lot of time and guesswork when looking for contractors in the various stages of your book.

I reached out to multiple editors and got sample edits on my book from each of them in order to make a decision. In the end, I hired an editor that truly enhanced my writing style and polished my book in an impactful way.

Book Production

Personally, the book production part was the scariest part for me. As a new author, I wasn't sure what was the "norm" for cover designs or formatting your book, so I leaned a lot on my hired cover designer and formatter who helped me make my vision come to life.

Both of these contractors were through the network that SPS has, and they guided me through so patiently. I had a LOT of questions, but the process felt seamless. EVEN when I decided to change the size of my book just weeks before the publish date, they were so quick and easy to work with.

Launching The Book

SPS has a proven and powerful technique for what it takes to become a best seller on Amazon, and they teach you how to build a launch team and execute a successful launch that pushes you to best-seller status.

For me personally, by using SPS's strategy, I was a bestseller on Amazon during my launch and I stayed a #1 New Release in many categories for quite a while which helped me land podcasts, interviews, and opportunities right off the bat. I couldn't have asked for a better launch for my first book and it all started with the little things like curating a simple marketing approach with SPS.

Marketing the Book

Authors are great at writing, but often they fall short on the marketing side of things, and SPS does an incredible job educating their authors on creating a marketing strategy that extends well beyond the initial launch of the book.

From creating a lead magnet to growing your email list and social media channels, SPS gives you a great foundation to put these pieces into action and grow the overall impact of the book. I think one of the biggest successes of my book was the killer marketing strategy that my coach, Brett, and I put into practice before the book even launched. It has made all the difference.

A Huge Community Supporting You

When you join SPS, you also get access to their Mastermind Community and Group Coaching Calls. In the Mastermind Facebook Community, you are able to ask other authors and coaches questions or issues you are running into and share your successes. There is such a camaraderie between all the authors as you help each other with goals, questions, insights, and more, and it is truly a unique experience.

The Group Coaching Calls are weekly and held in a live online class format, and they add a layer of small group resources to the course. They have coaching calls for when you are in the writing stage, production stage, marketing stage, and more, and it is so great to jump on these calls ( I attempt to do 1-2 per week) to get questions answered or gain insight to help with my book.


Since the launch of my book, I have been able to have a positive impact on so many individuals' lives by sharing my story of living with a congenital heart defect. From the conversations I am having on podcasts to the messages I receive via email and social media, there are lives being changed because of taking the courage to share my story.

These positive outcomes and seeing the impact of your work is honestly one of the most rewarding things I have ever experienced. I can help evoke positive change through my story, and the good news is, you can too!

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Joining SPS was the plunge I needed to make my dream of sharing my story and making an impact come to life. The community at SPS encourages me to share my story and overcome those feelings of imposter syndrome that were present from my conversation with that published author years ago. The tools I was taught gave me confidence in myself as an author, and I am so excited for all the books that I know I have within me. Well, friend...It's your turn, now!

Get Self-Published

If you are interested in checking out Self-Publishing School, they have an immense library of blog posts, videos, free tools, and resources before you even join the course! It's incredible! I would highly recommend looking at their blog, checking out their podcast, or attending one of their free workshops to explore your writing options.

Maybe you are like me and this sounds perfect for what you need! Great, you can head on over to and schedule a call with a coach to get the self-publishing process started.

I cannot wait to hear your story and the lives you are impacting because of it!

Be Victorious,

Tori Joy Geiger

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PS: Want to check out my book on Amazon? Use this link to grab your copy!

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