My Myx Fitness Bike Review: Getting Smart About My Home Fitness

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

A Bike Overview & Personal Review

It's about summertime! Maybe some of those fitness resolutions have fallen through the cracks a bit? Well, I got you! I know personally, I was looking for something fun to add to my fitness routine in 2021 while I trained for my half marathon because just running didn't really cut it for me. Plus with my heart condition, I needed to build up more endurance in other forms to supplement my running so I didn't push my heart too hard. For years, I had wanted to get into indoor cycling, but I just couldn't commit the time to attend spin bike classes locally. I did however purchase a cheap Amazon stationary bike and would watch cycling videos on YouTube along with it. That stationary bike satisfied my desire to get into cycling, but I quickly ran into limitations with its capabilities, and I ran out of free Youtube cycling classes to watch. So in 2021 as I set my fitness goals, Devin and I decided to take the plunge and purchase a more robust indoor cycling bike. After lots of research on the best exercise bikes and contemplation on buying a Peloton Bike, Nordic Track, or MYX Fitness Bike, we decided on purchasing a MYX Fitness Bike. After almost a half year of training, I am so excited to share my MYX Bike review and how it has helped my overall fitness goals.

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MYX Bike Features

The MYX Bike is a touchscreen indoor bike that pairs with the MYX Fitness App and features all kinds of workouts from cycling workouts to foam rolling and meditation sessions. The bike also comes with a heart rate monitor to wear during workouts, and the touchscreen monitor swivels to each side so it is easy to do cross-training exercises on the floor alongside the bike. The App is also constantly releasing new workouts which keeps your workout routine fresh and adventurous for every fitness level.

The bike is extremely durable and is definitely made with very good quality construction. It is easy to use and flexible to adjust for multiple riders in one household that may differ in height and weight. One of my favorite things about the MYX Bike is its pedals' set up. You can either use your normal running shoes or flip the pedals over to clip in your cycling shoes. This can save some definite money compared to MYX Bike competitors like Peloton where you have to get cycling shoes to use the bike.

MYX Bikes come in shades of natural white, and deep charcoal.

For more details on the MYX Bike's Features, you can visit here.

MYX Bike Packages

When ordering, there are two packages to choose from, the MYX or the MYX Plus. The MYX package comes with just the bike, touchscreen, and polar oh1 heart rate monitor. The MYX Plus comes with the bike, touchscreen, heart rate monitor, and the following:

  • Stabilizing Bike Mat

  • 6-Piece Weight Set With Kettlebell

  • Oversized Exercise Mat

  • Foam Roller

  • Resistance Band

Personally, I chose the MYX package because we already had a majority of the other items that the MYX Plus came with. But if you are still in the process of building your home gym, the MYX Plus is a great option to get all of that fitness gear. The workouts in the app do use all the fitness gear that comes with the MYX Plus so that is important to note in order to be prepared for those workouts.

You can shop the MYX here or the MYX Plus here.

MYX Fitness Subscription

MYX Fitness workouts can be displayed on the bike's touchscreen or on the MYX mobile app on your phone. Having the ability to use the MYX Fitness app while on the go is SO helpful. It's like taking your home gym with you wherever you go! A MYX Fitness App subscription fee is $29 per month, and that gives you access to the full library of workouts and class offerings on the app.

Cycling workouts on the app include workouts from HIIT rides to recovery rides to some of my favorite scenic rides. Fun fact! One of the scenic rides in New Zealand is one I have actually traveled on in real life so it is super nostalgic when I choose that ride. MYX has various scenic rides from Northern Italy to Hawaii and more! They are so peaceful and serene! Additionally, there are workouts such as yoga, mindfulness, foam rolling, weightlifting, cross-training, and more offered on the app. Truly this app has workout options for all types of fitness interests and goals.

The MYX Instructors on the app are super awesome too! They are all about a positive mindset and pushing yourself to grow which makes workouts really fun. It's like you have your own personal trainer. Their energy and attitude really feel like you have a friend in the room with you. It is definitely helpful when you are in the middle of a really tough ride or workout and need a little boost.

Tracking Your Stats

I love how the MYX Bike has a heart rate monitor that tracks my heart's activity. This was something extremely attractive to me as someone with a Congenital Heart Defect. It is important for me to know and track the stress I am putting on my heart, and the accurate read that the monitor provides allows me to make smart choices on how hard I am pushing my heart.

I wear my heart rate monitor on my bicep each ride. Each time you are on the bike, you will need to make sure to pair your monitor with the bike, and you will also need to recharge the monitor via USB from time to time.

There are three heart rate zones that are tracked in the app. Various workouts command varying "zones" that you are trying to reach, and that is something the coaches guide you through as you are completing the workout. Hitting those zones is one of the best ways to really know if you are getting a great workout or if you need to up your game a bit. Zone 1 is your low to moderate level. Zone 2 is your more moderate to high intensity. And you guessed it, Zone 3 is just flat-out high intensity.

Because the heart rate monitor tracks your personal heart rate, your rate's intensity, the calories burnt, etc, it is all subject to you and your body. It was honestly so eye-opening to learn about how I felt when I was in the various heart rate zones. Because my heart with CHD typically beats at a higher rate, I quickly learned how to measure my intensity based on my heart's personal stats. I just love that!

My Experience

I have a very busy schedule as a business owner, which doesn't always leave me time for long workouts each day. When I started my half marathon training, I knew I needed something quick yet effective that would help me reach my fitness goals. MYX Fitness does just that for my home workouts. From their cycling workouts to their floor workouts, I am getting challenged in my fitness goals all from the comfort of my own home.

I have never attended any spin classes or tried other cycling apps to compare, but the positive atmosphere and mindset coaching the instructors provide make my workouts something I truly look forward to each day. They are still high-intensity classes that are effective but encouraging and morale-boosting. There is nothing like starting the day with Dyan (one of the MYX coaches) and her positive energy to get you ready for the rest of your busy day!

Each week, I do cycling workouts mixed with strength training workouts 3-4 times a week to supplement my running schedule. On weekends, I try to do more recovery work and will either do a recovery cycling and foam roll session or a relaxing yoga session to cap off the week.

MYX Bike Final Thoughts

Maybe you are looking to cancel your gym membership and start your home gym workouts to save yourself some time. I think you are smart! Maybe you are a beginner cyclist or just looking for something new and fresh to add to your current at-home workouts. I would definitely recommend checking out the MYX Fitness Bike! It is an awesome option that in my opinion is very affordable and effective for your home gym and for just a basic monthly subscription fee. It not only helped me crush my half marathon goal that I completed this past month, but it has been a huge part in my staying consistent with my fitness goals. I actually have SO much fun and look forward to trying new workouts on the bike.

I have also learned so much about my body from using the heart rate monitor and from the classes! For instance, as a track athlete in college, I thought I knew all about foam rolling. Boy was I wrong, but learning new techniques on items like foam rolling has been so beneficial for my running recovery.

I hope this review and overview were helpful as you are looking to conquer your personal goals! If you have any questions about the bike, app, or system in general, feel free to comment below, DM me on Instagram.

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