The 3 Best Paraben Free Moisturizers That Your Face Needs!

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Use These Face Moisturizers For Glowing, Healthy, Skin

It seems like clean beauty products are just all the rage on social media, and every influencer out there is promoting brands that are supposedly "clean beauty" products with natural ingredients in their skincare routine. You hear words like "paraben-free" moisturizers in so many advertisements, but what does that really mean? Commonly, everyday beauty products are made with preservatives and synthetic ingredients to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria within those products, and it makes those products last longer. While, it is great that those products last longer, those chemicals can have harmful effects on your skin and their ability to fight free radicals in your system over time. And when a product is labeled "paraben-free" it basically means that the product does not have these preservatives and chemicals that I mentioned. If you are looking for some chemical-free and clean beauty products, I have found what I think are the 3 best paraben free moisturizers for your skincare routine!

If you are anything like me, you may struggle with dry skin or sensitive skin, and it is SO hard to find a natural, clean beauty moisturizer that works well and solves BOTH those issues. Too often the most popular natural moisturizers and skincare products would hydrate my skin, but they would then cause my face to break out due to my sensitivity. I tried the most "natural products" from products you get at Whole Foods to Naturopathic-type remedies to no avail. For me, the "natural" products always left my face oily or clogged my pores, and then I was back to square one trying to find a moisturizer that would then help my breakouts. And then the products that seemed to be the most effective were products that had lists of synthetic ingredients that I knew weren't all that great for my skin's overall health. It honestly felt like an endless cycle. I couldn't seem to have the best of both worlds with my moisturizers, effective AND clean. I needed to use moisturizers that were not only paraben free but also WORKED to get glowy skin without breakout repercussions after 2-3 weeks of use.

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In the last year, I went on the serious hunt for paraben-free products and natural cosmetic products and found what I think are the three best paraben-free moisturizers your face totally needs! I read SO many reviews and blogs to find what was working for other people with the same skin issues as myself. And you know what? I found some AMAZING paraben free moisturizers that work, and I am now always sharing them with my friends and family! These moisturizers are not only free from the harmful chemicals that other moisturizers ensue, but each ingredient list is packed full of natural ingredients lists and goodies that truly nourish your skin from hyaluronic acid to vitamin c, etc. Everyone's skin is so different, but I know these paraben-free products have made a huge impact on my skin after so many years of trial and error. I am so excited to share these life-changing daily moisturizers with you and hope that they make the same impact on your skincare journey as they have had on mine!

Drunk Elephant, Polypeptide Cream

One of the first products I came across was Drunk Elephant when looking for recommended products, and it has become one of my favorite brands over the last year. I can honestly say it not only has an amazing moisturizer that worked for me, but it also is probably one of the best overall clean beauty brands out on the market today. The first Drunk Elephant product I ever tried was their Polypeptide Cream. When I first came across this cream, I was at the end of my rope with buying expensive brands that weren't all the hype, and Drunk Elephant was kind of my last test before I went back to my dermatologist for more medical-grade products to get the skin I wanted. At that point in my life, I was a busy wife and new entrepreneur fresh out of college, and my stress was showing through the breakouts and dry spots on my face. Thankfully, the polypeptide cream was the first turning point for my skin's rough state. This cream was SO restorative, and it is truly made for varying skin types because of all its active ingredients. If you have a dry skin type or even combination skin, listen up on this beauty product! Once I started using this cream, I also definitely noticed a lot of my dark spots and fine lines disappearing which wasn't even my original intent using the cream. Let's just say, I was a happy camper with those extra benefits. Because of its protein complex with amino acids, the polypeptide cream has been made to help firm up your skin, hydrate dry skin, and repair the skin barrier. This moisturizer is a little thicker than other moisturizers so you can use it sparingly with each use. While it may be thicker, I wouldn't worry about it clogging your pores. I have used thicker moisturizers to hydrate my skin in the past that have really clogged my pores, but Drunk Elephant's Polypeptide Cream did not have this effect for me like others. It's true that you definitely don't need a lot of product to see its effect. This also helps its cost-effectiveness over time since it lasts so long! And the best part about this incredible moisturizer? It is paraben-free! This means you are getting all the restorative benefits without all the chemicals and synthetic ingredients that are commonly put in your everyday moisturizers and high-end restorative products. I would say twice a day use could be a little excessive so if you are starting out with this moisturizer, I would use it once a day as a night cream. Then, work your way up to using it in the morning and at night. This is a good idea that will make sure it lasts you longer and allow your skin to gradually get used to the moisturizer's hydrating formula. You can purchase this cream at your local Sephora or on Amazon.

First Aid Beauty, Ultra Repair Cream

First Aid Beauty is another player smashing it in the beauty industry! If you have oily skin or acne-prone skin, this may be a great solution for your regular use! I found this moisturizer after my sister-in-law first recommended First Aid Beauty to me when she was using an oil-free moisturizer for her sensitive skin. After that, I've been hooked! If you've struggled with skin irritation from other moisturizers, I highly encourage you to look into First Aid Beauty products in general. Their skincare products are some of the most effective I have seen for myself and for my friends that have trouble with sensitive skin. As spring approaches, definitely check out their tinted moisturizer that is so gentle and has a great SPF!

During really sunny weather, I use the Ultra Repair Cream on areas that are sunburnt, and its gentle formula helps repair and calm my red skin without the sting that other cosmetic moisturizers have done in the past. I even give it to my husband to use on his sunburns too! First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Cream formula has a "whipped" feel to it, and it is SO light on the skin. Even though it is a light formula, when you apply it at night and wake up the next morning, your skin will feel SO soft and rejuvenated! It honestly feels like magic! You can use the Ultra Repair Cream as a face cream and as a body lotion and see incredible results! I know I also implement it into my self-tanning routine to help my tan stay even longer and make it more even on areas like my knees and elbows. Its shea butter base and other calming ingredients like aloe vera are like a relaxing, repairing smoothie for your face and body! It also contains hyaluronic acid which has those anti-aging properties to keep you feeling and looking young. 😉 This cream lasts a LONG time and a little goes a long way which makes it even more cost-effective. I purchase this cream from Ulta Beauty, and one of the large size containers lasts me about 3-4 months. I know! Crazy!

It Cosmetics, Confidence In A Cream Moisturizer

Wow! This is the most recent moisturizer I have fallen in love with! Not only am I a huge fan of their makeup products and the brand's original founder, Jamie Kern Lima, but It Cosmetics has put it ALL into this wonderful moisturizer! It is jammed packed with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, ceramides, and peptides which all have anti-aging benefits. Why not use a moisturizer to hydrate AND prevent aging effects? It's a win-win! This cream is very lightweight and feels very refreshing on the face after you apply it. I would also say it is definitely more for those of you who struggle with dry skin types. Because I tend to be a little more oily in my T-zone, I use this moisturizer sparingly there, since the formula can lead to a little more shine on your face from its oiler composition. After using this moisturizer for about a month, I've also noticed a difference in my overall skin tone after using this cream for some time. My skin is a lot more even in color and those under-eye dark circles from long entrepreneur days are less dramatic! Hooray! Even my common forehead creases from squinting are less apparent after implementing regular use of the confidence cream.

Lastly, I also love that this moisturizer acts as a great base before putting on your makeup. That always a bonus. I use the cream not only for my moisturizer but also for my face primer each day, and it makes my foundation go on flawlessly! It's an all-around just great daily moisturizer that serves so many skin needs of mine. It was honestly so great to find wonderful brands in my skincare journey like It Cosmetics that provide paraben-free products that are actually effective and not just hype. With my recent success with Confidence In A Cream, I am excited to try more of their products, and I will definitely share my other favorites as I try them! You can purchase this cream from your local Sephora.

Investing In Your Skincare Journey

I know my journey with skincare has happened and changed over time, and it really started as a teenager when acne became apart of my life. I know at times it was frustrating looking for products that worked for MY skin. You would see perfect models using basic products like rose water sprays that they swore kept their skin breakout free and hydrated while I felt like every product I tried like the ones they recommended left my skin red, broken out, irritated, and my wallet a lot lighter. When I got to my early twenties, I was pitching clients for my bookkeeping and consulting company, and with the stress-load of a new entrepreneur, my skin showed it which was a confidence killer at times. I was ready to make some changes and investments in my skin.

Maybe that's you too. You are looking for products that WORK and don't break the bank! And I can tell you, when I landed on these paraben-free products that I mentioned above, I was nervous about spending MORE money and feared the same results. But when I started using Drunk Elephant, First Aid Beauty, and It Cosmetics, my skin began to change over time and my skincare journey turned the corner. My hope is that these products provide the same relief for you as they have for me! If you suffer from sensitive skin or maybe today you are just wanting to implement effective and clean beauty products into your skincare routine, implementing a paraben-free moisturizer is a great start to upping your skin game! It is always good to find cleaner products to work into your routine. All of these products are definitely a great start to beginning a more clean beauty routine.

I know I have been so happy with how my skin has responded to each of these products as I have used them, and I cannot recommend them enough to my friends and family. Good skincare can be a big investment, but if you find the right products you love and you find products that last, you are creating a healthy routine for yourself that is more cost-effective than you might think. If you are sitting on the fence about trying one of these products, you can start small by adding one of these moisturizers and then begin slowly adding more of these effective products to build a routine that makes you fall in love with your skin's glow! If you are nervous about dropping more money to try products, try the mini versions of these products or go by your local Sephora and see if you can get a sample to take home and use before going all in. That's what I do now anytime I am testing out a new product. I almost NEVER purchase the full-size product until I have used up the mini and it has met or exceeded my expectations. I can tell you, this approach has saved me from buying overly expensive products that do not work as well as they should for my skin. I am still finding more and more products that I like to use all the time, but it is comforting to know that I have products and brands in my arsenal that DO work for my skin that I always have as the foundation of my skincare routine as I add in other new products. I am so grateful to have found these amazing products!

Have you been on a similar skincare journey? I'd love to hear if you've tried these products or if you have found other paraben-free moisturizers that have helped your skin! Comment below to share your skin story!

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