It's Time To be Victorious

3 Simple Steps

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3. Join the TJG
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chronic illness facebook group to be joined

Learn lessons & tips for navigating chronic illness.

Receive BONUS reflection tools to help you OWN your story, goals, and purpose.

Join a group of thriving women with chronic illness for support & continued growth.

After reading this book, I am inspired like rarely before to take hold of my life in a new way, to boldly dream dreams, and relentlessly pursue after them. I am motivated to be intentional with my daily and moment-by-moment choices and meet God halfway to achieve the marvelous plans He has for me.

Finally, I am encouraged to be the absolute best version of myself, standing in the powerful, undefeated identity of a child of God, as I tackle my present and future with guts, grit, gratefulness, and (Tori's beloved word) gumption." Thank you Tori for blessing me and the world with your beautiful story!!

-Rachel S.